The official website for Australian voice actor Oliver Rae! To the left is my YouTube channel trailer and directly below is my social media feed, both of which showcase the various voice over pieces I have done! Click next to continue the story or head to my About section for the full profile!

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Early Beginnings

I guess I first delved into voice work in my youth, particularly my school days. I was often the comedian of the classroom, doing funny/silly voices and impersonating teachers and classmates alike! Being able to make my peers laugh was rewarding, and so my array of impersonations, accents, etc began to form :)

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High School Years

In high school my interest in performing arts and drama manifested. While learning the art of performing on stage I used my existing vocal talent to bring life to the characters I portrayed. So began a symbiotic learning journey of applying my voice to the characters and scripts whilst at the same time diversifying my […]

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Late Teens & Theatre

My Drama experience was applied to other areas like speeches, presentations and multimedia projects. Theatre was next! Performing to a classroom is something, but to a crowd of strangers is another. I participated in some plays and musicals, my favorite was titled ‘Man of Steel’ in which i had a lead role as a gangster! […]

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I moved to Melbourne for work, a change and to further evolve! I invested time into building up an online presence, showcasing a diverse range of voice work. I Also had the pleasure of attending some sessions in the studio with Abbe Holmes (from http://voiceovercoach.com.au/) and other talented voice actors. Now? I await what’s next […]

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If you’re interested in my services as a voice actor, please contact me via the below contact form, including all details with an asterisk. I’ll endeavor to respond as soon as I can!

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